November 10, 2019

My local Mexican "mercado" market is full of tropical fruit like sweet papayas and mangos. And since I still have some wahoo in the freezer, I'm thinking about some yummy easy fish tacos with a tropical salsa!

This recipe is really an easy fish recipe. It only requires...

October 13, 2019

Fishermen often ask me for an easy fish recipe. It doesn't take me long to respond: Are you brave enough to try fried sardines? Then I watch for the shock on their faces, followed by words that come out of their mouths, "bait fish?" Yes, bait fish. And here's the deal,...

September 29, 2019

Here in Southern California fall just started. And if you're not busy catching big tunas or yellowtails, you're busy catching rockfish. What happens when you come home with a bag full of small rockfish? Now what?  The next question is: How to cook rockfish, especially...

September 15, 2019

If you're lucky enough to go offshore this year and get some wahoo, now what? Why not try a wahoo fish taco recipe? I'm not talking about going to, I'm talking about your kitchen dot com!!! And for those of you who have any fresh fish, this fish ta...

September 1, 2019

Just got back from Maui where I enjoyed a variety of seafoods. I tried kahala (amberjack), mahi-mahi, ono and tuna dishes. My favorite was the local Maui poke! I would stop by every local market I could just to try their versions of tuna pokes. Funny thing is, while I...

August 11, 2019

Tuna are still packing fishermen's freezers here in Southern California. In the true spirit of Fisherman's Belly recipes, this new fried tuna steak recipe is a poster child for the ultimate easy fish recipe. How did I come up with this recipe? Let me explain......

July 28, 2019

Ever thought about grilling fish collars? You probably have if you've been fishing the Coronados for yellowtail lately. My fishing buddy Dave Burton, said that was the most asked question during the ride home while the deck hands where filleting all those yellowtails....

July 14, 2019

Japanese kakiage (ka-ka-ogee), or tempura, has become

an American favorite. But did you know that besides the

typical Japanese vegetable tempura, the Japanese love to

create fish tempura or fish kakiage? Included also

among their favorite fish tempuras is yellowtail....

June 23, 2019

Believe it or not, not all smoked fish recipes are

created in a smoker. All you really need is a oven

that can hold low temperatures and a bottle of

liquid smoke. And if you think liquid smoke is a

cheap substitute, think again. Liquid smoke is made

from actual smoke partic...

June 9, 2019

Tuna Jerky

Imagine enjoying your own handcrafted fish jerky, made from that big tuna you just caught. Rich in color and flavors, each bite is deeply satisfying. If you're wondering if it's hard to make? No! My new tuna jerky recipe is definitely an easy fish recipe!...

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