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 How To Prep Fish And Seafood 

Live Longer Eating Fish
Learn how the people of the Mediterranean live longer by eating lots of fish!
Understand Bacteria & Parasites
Learn to keep your fish and seafood safe. You'll learn best practices that can prevent food borne illness from your catch.
How To Fillet A Yellowtail
Learn to simply fillet a whole yellowtail without making a mess. Then learn to use different cuts for different dishes.
Prep A Large Fish For The Grill
Learn how o prep a 10lb yellowtail for the grill. Starting with cleaning, then marinading and ending with a beautifully grilled whole fish.
The Right Pantry Items...
If you want improve your home cooking, start by stocking your pantry with the right stuff. From there, you can cook anything you like.
Prep Yellowtail Collars
Here's a short fast video that shows you how to prep yellowtail collars and where to make your cuts for big fat collars.
Prep Fish Belly Skewers
Learn how to take yellowtail belly and debone it, and then prep it for skewers on the Bbq.
How To Clean & Prep Squid
Learn how to clean and prep small squid, aka, market squid. Then, learn to make a simple squid pasta.
Clean And Prep Crab
Learn how to clean a full bodied crab. And then end up with a delicious cold crab salad.
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 Cooking Fish And Seafood Tips & Tricks 

How To Braise Fish
How To Make a Fish Stock
How To Make Sushi Hand Rolls
Make A Crispy Fried Fish Sandwich
How To Make A Fish Stew
How To Make Grilled Fish Burritos
Make A Traditional Hawaiian Poke
How To Make A Fish Burger
How To Make A Poke Rice Bowl
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 How To Make Sauces, Salsas & More 

Make Fish Taco Crema Sauce
Make Olive Oil Fish Salad Dressing
How To Make A Poke Sauce
How To Make Beer Battered Fish!
How To Make A Chili Verde Sauce
Make Tomato Sauce For Fish Pasta
Make Guacamole & Cucumber Sauce
Make A Spring Roll Sauce
How To Make A Tartar Sauce
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