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How To Fillet A Yellowtail In A Suit & Tie!

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It's late August and fishermen along the Southern California coast are bringing home yellowtail. But, sometimes the joy of coming home with a big old yellowtail is dampened by the mess created in the kitchen by sloppy filleting. And then, there's always, what to do with the different parts of the fish.

Here, you'll learn how to fillet a yellowtail--neatly--and a few cooking possibilities for the different parts of the yellowtail.

Starting with the tail sections, moving to the belly meat, the upper loins, and finally the head and collars.

There's lots of tips to help you become an expert at how to fillet a yellowtail. And who knows, maybe you'll be wearing a suit and tie just to show off your skills!

Check out my Yellowtail Section for lots of recipes for your yellowtail!

la jolla yellowtails

Mikey and his early morning La Jolla yellowtails!

And one last thing, where did I get my yellowtail? Just ask my good fishing buddy, Mikey. He nailed two yellowtail last Tuesday morning, right before having to go to work! There's action packed video footage to back up Mikey's claims inside this how-to video.


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KITCHEN GADGETS & INGREDIENTS FOR THIS RECIPE 🌶 ➤ Cuda 9” Flex Fillet Knife ➤ Cuda 10" Fillet Knife ➤ Cuda 9-inch Serrated Knife ➤ Cuda Knife 12-inch Titnaium Bonded ➤ Commercial Plastic Cutting Board 24"x18" ➤ Fish Prepping Pan (13"x9"x2")

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT USED 🎥 ➤ Canon EOS 70D Food Photography & Video ➤ GoPro HERO4 Black


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