Campground Trout, Grill The Whole Thing!

September 7, 2018

Trout  Recipes

As a kid, I spent quite a few summers with the family

camping and fishing for trout in the California Sierras.

Camping was ok, but really, I just wanted to fish for trout.

I'd be gone all day. My mom would always hope I'd walk

back to camp with fish for her trout recipes. Her favorite

was cooking campground trout, whole. All it took was just

a little olive oil, lemon and bingo, it was to die for! That

inspired me to create this week's recipe, whole grilled

brown trout.


And, where did the this week's German Brown trout come

from? Two families I know just got back from the Sierras,

Jay-Jay's and Sven's. Both went to the Eastern Sierras, up

Highway 395. Jay-Jay's family went to their go-to spot,  

Lake Mary at Mammoth Lakes. While Sven found new

territory for him and his wife up near Bridgeport at Lake

Virginia and Lake Lundy.


That's how I ended with this beautiful German Brown trout,

which was perfect for the grill. Whether you've got German

Browns or Rainbows, try grilling them whole with this simple

trout recipe. You'll love it. 


Thinking about smoking some trout? Take a look at Basic Trout Smoking, it's got all the basics you need.


Trout Recipes, Grilled Whole German Brown (serves 2-3)

2-3lb whole trout, gutted, gilled, and cut two slits (per side)

3 whole lemons, one cut into v shaped wedges

¼ cup of extra virgin olive oil

Kosher salt

Crushed black pepper

2 tablespoons finely chopped parsley


Cooking Campground Trout

1. Start by heating your grill to as close as 500F as you can, while making sure to clean it. A clean grill will help ensure the trout's skin won't stick to the grill. My mom taught me that one...


2. Once the trout is clean and prepped, pat it dry with paper towels. Add salt and pepper into the gut cavity. Be careful not to add any salt to the skin of the fish (salt on the skin will not allow the skin to crisp up and the skin will end up sticking to the grill). After seasoning the gut cavity, begin to brush on olive oil to the trout's skin, and then sprinkle with black pepper. Finally, insert one lemon wedge per slit,

four total.


3. Just before adding the trout onto the grill, I dab a small amount of oil onto paper towel and wipe off the grill. Then place the trout on the grill while cooking for 3-4 minutes per side. Before turning over the fish for the first time, start creating the baste. Measure out the juice of two lemons into a measuring cup, and then add half that amount of olive oil.

Add a pinch of salt, pepper then whisk throughly for complete mixing. In other words, the resulting baste shouldn't have a separation between the oil and lemon juice.


4. After carefully turning over the fish, and begin brushing on the baste. Baste at least twice and close the lid of the grill after each baste. This will promote the dripping baste to infuse the fish with flavored smoke!


5. Finally, remove the trout and pour the rest of the baste over the fish. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.


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