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Easy Fish Recipe: Fried Sardines

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Fishermen often ask me for an easy fish recipe. It doesn't take me long to respond: Are you brave enough to try fried sardines? Then I watch for the shock on their faces, followed by words that come out of their mouths, "bait fish?" Yes, bait fish. And here's the deal, they're tasty especially with a little salt, lemon and a cold beer.

Billions of people all over the world love this easy fish recipe. Fried sardines are not only super tasty but they also provide countless nutrients that our bodies need. They're packed with proteins, collagen, vitamins, like omega 3s and 6s, plus minerals, like calcium and magnesium. It's like taking a fistful of vitamin supplements all at one time.

If you bring home fresh sardines after a day of fishing, gut and gill them right away. You can freeze them or place them in paper towels in the refrigerator for a couple of days before you cook them. Gutting and gilling them right way prevents any bacterial growth, especially in their gut cavity, that can lead to food poisoning. For more information on fish and food poisoning, check out my video called Understanding Parasites, Bacteria And Your Fish


Easy Fish Recipe, Fried Sardines (serves 2-4)

2 pounds of sardines, headless, scaled, gutted and gilled

1 cups all purpose flour

Kosher salt

Cracked black pepper

Cold beer

3-5 tablespoons of grape seed oil (frying oil)

1 lemon, half to be squeezed on the fish, half wedged

Making The Easy Fish Recipe

1. Place the oil into a frying pan or cast iron skillet over a medium low heat until the oil begins to shimmer.

2. While the oil is heating up, place the flour into a bag and add a healthy pinch of salt and black pepper. Now add the sardines and start shaking for 5-10 seconds.

3. Fry up 10-12 sardines at a time, turning them as soon as they turn golden brown. Remove and add to a platter that is lined with a paper towel. Add a pinch of salt and then squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the sardines. Serve with a couple of additional lemon wedges and a cold beer. Enjoy!!


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