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Green Chile Tuna Ceviche

Believe or not, green chile tuna ceviche is one of Mexico's favorite ceviches served on tostadas. The original recipe comes the coast state of Sinaloa. There, they use any seafood they can get their hands on to make ceviche tostadas, especially tuna.

I created this new recipe just for Nam, a great guy and fisherman from San Diego I met with a couple years ago. Just recently, Nam scored an unbelievable blue fin tuna and hit me up for some tuna recipes. After hearing his inspirational story, I went to work on this recipe. Nam, this green chile tuna ceviche is for you!

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Nam's Unusual Story

First let me say, Nam's bluefin weighed in at whopping 288 pounds. Nam started out from Dana Landing, San Diego. He started looking for clear water. That didn't happened until they were 30 miles off the coast. Nam spotted breaking yellowfin, but that wasn't his target. His Fujinon Techno-Stabi binocs, his kite, and his yummy flier were all on board with one purpose, big bluefin.

When Nam finally spotted 100 pound bluefin jumping out of the water, it was time to setup the kite and get the yummy flier bait going. He was in the right zone. Only problem, he had never done this before. But he did a lot of homework thanks to the internet.

San Diego bluefin tuna

tuna for green chile tuna ceviche

Nam and his before and after bluefin tuna processing photos!

Once in the right area, he let out the kite about 600 feet behind the boat. Next, he began monitor his bait using his stabilization binoculars. By finding the right drift, boat speed and heading, Nam finally got his flier bait to dance and skip across the surface of the water, just right. That took 45 minutes. However, at the 46 minute mark, Nam lost sight of his bait. Frustrated, he turned to his pole to reel in his lost bait. But, his pole was totally bent and screaming!

Nam throttled the boat for 5 seconds to set the hook. Then it was game on! For two solid hours Nam fought the fish of his life. Exhausted and by himself, he managed to pull it on board. Wow! My hats off to Nam for this phenomenal feat of shear will, and smart fishing!!

Green Chile Tuna Ceviche on Tostadas (make 6-8 tostadas)

2 pounds raw tuna cubed

1 pac of Mexican Tostadas

4 limes juiced

1 orange juiced

2 cucumbers, peeled, deseeded, and cut into half moons

2 mangos coarse dice

1 Bundle cilantro, chopped

2 Serrano peppers chopped

Kosher salt

4 Tomatillos

4 Stalks of Mexican green onions

Red pepper, finely sliced (sweet or spicy hot)

Make The Green Chile Tuna Ceviche

1. Roast, char and soften the tomatillos, Mexican green onions and Serrano peppers. This can be done on a grill, in a frying pan or in a 350F oven for 30 minutes.

2. Coarse chop the tomatillos, Mexican green onions and Serrano peppers and place them in a blender. Add the bundle of cilantro, the juice of 3 limes, and one orange. Now, add a liberal pinch of salt and blend for no more than a minute. Then, pour the mixture into a bowl. Allow this mixture to cool to room temperature.

3. Now, into that same bowl, add the diced raw tuna, cucumbers and mangos. Refrigerate for no more than one hour.

4. Finally, serve the tuna ceviche on individual tostadas and garnish with the sliced red pepper. Enjoy!

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See you on the water and in the kitchen. Yanni

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