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Whitefish Grilled Whole

Grilled Rockfish

Here in Southern California, our rockfish season extends into the summer. And for that reason, my next recipe is very for perfect for summer time grilling. Imagine eating whole white fish, grilled outdoors, and then topped off with tropical salsa.

My next recipe takes advantage of our summer's bounty with Caribbean flavors. Cherry tomatoes, ripe mangos, and cucumbers are coupled with fresh rockfish and your backyard grill. Check it out and enjoy the smokey flavors of grilled rockfish with a sensational tropical salsa.

Looking for another grilled rockfish recipe? Try my Mediterranean grilled rockfish with a classic cabbage salad.

Grilled Whole Rockfish (serves 4)

4 whole rockfish, gutted, gilled and scaled

1 lb cherry tomatoes, halved

1 large mango, diced

3 small cucumbers, sliced

1 sprig oregano, chopped

4 tablespoons olive oil

Kosher salt

Coarse black pepper

Paper towels

Vegetable oil and a brush

Cooking A Grilled Rockfish Whole

1. Start by preparing the tomato-mango salsa by first placing the halved tomatoes in a mixing bowl and salting them liberally. Now add the mango, cucumbers, oregano and olive oil. Then, mix and refrigerate.

2. In the mean time, start heating your grill. Remember, to get as close to 500F at the grilling surface.

3. Start by seasoning up the whole rockfish gut cavities with salt and pepper. Avoid salting the its skin since salting the skin will lead to the skin sticking to your grill. Now, it's time to make two cuts or slits on each side of the fish, one just behind the gill plate and the other halfway to its tail. Finally, liberally lather the fish by brushing olive oil on both sides.

4. Now is the time, to clean your hot grill and lather it up with vegetable oil. As soon as that is done, quickly place the fish on the grill for 8-10 minutes on each side. Before rolling or flipping the fish over to cook its other side, simply brush on olive oil first, then flip. Use a spatula and tongs to carefully flip. In the end, this will help prevent the skin of the fish from sticking to your grill.

5. Don't forget to check the inside of your slits for doneness. Once cooked, and ready to serve, platter the fish side-by-side then add the tomato-mango salsa on top. Now serve, and enjoy!

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I'm a fisherman and a cook, and I love to do both. My name is Yanni and welcome to my website, Fisherman's Belly. Here, using your fresh fish and everyday ingredients, you can learn to cook hand-crafted easy fish recipes. 

See you on the water and in the kitchen. Yanni

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