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Leche De Tigre

Let me start by saying, Peruvians love their ceviche. And, their ceviche juice, which they call it leche-de-tigre. Which translates to "milk of the tiger." Here in the states a lot of latin restaurants offer great ceviche plus the ceviche juices with alcohol, like rum or tequila. Let me tell you, it's one helluva of a drink!

My buddy Tony just shared some fresh halibut with me. I've always wanted to try a Peruvian style leche-de-tigre, and this was my chance. To follow along, get ready to start boiling some sweet potatoes, and squeezing some citrus juice. Soon, you'll be eating some insane ceviche and drinking some leche-de-tigre!

Remember to always freeze your halibut for at least 7 days to kill off any possible parasites. Want to learn more? Check out my Safe Fish Handling video.

Tony Parks and his trophy California Halibut

Tony, just outside the Dana Point marina

Tony Parks And His Halibuts...

Tony keeps his ears to the ground when it comes to halibut fishing. As soon as he senses they're on the chew, he's on the chase. Dana Point has always produced nice sized halibut right off the kelp beds, especially in late winter. If you see Tony out there... That's a good sign!

Halibut Peruvian Ceviche & Leche de Tigre (serves 4)

2 pounds halibut fillets cut into 1/2” cubes

6 sweet chili peppers sliced (Thai peppers for some heat)

2 medium sized sweet potatoes

1 red onion, julienned

1 bundle cilantro, chopped

10 medium limes juiced

2 medium oranges juiced

1 tablespoon of salt

1 tablespoon pepper

1 bottle of Tequila, Rum or Peruvian Pisco

Peruvian ceviche

Start Making the Ceviche And Leche-de-Tigre

1. Start by, adding the fish into a mixing bowl then add the salt and pepper. Then, continue to add red onions, chili peppers and cilantro. Next, add the lime juice, orange juice, and mix. Importantly, refrigerate for no more than one hour.

2. Next, peel the potatoes, and then add them into a pot of cold water. Now, turn on the heat and boil until they are tender. You can test this by poking the potato with a paring knife. Finally, allow the sweet potatoes to cool. And, then cut them into 1/4” rounds.

3. In the meanwhile, pull the ceviche out of the refrigerator and begin to plate. Remember, use a slotted spoon to retrieve the ceviche. That way, you'll reserve the ceviche juices for the leche de tigre.

4. In the end, serve the ceviche with a side of sweet potatoes. Just like do in Peru.

5. Now, go ahead and grab your favorite tumbler glass, and add a couple of ice cubes. Start by pouring out of reserved ceviche juice into the tumbler--about two ounces--then add an ounce of either tequila, rum or Peruvian pisco. Finally, get ready for something very special. Enjoy!

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