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Tuna Kebabs

Catching big tuna is a blast, no doubt. But when you pick up your fish from your local processors, sometimes you end up with large, unruly chunks. Big tuna chunks that just baffle you when it comes to cooking. That just happened to me. My solution? Making big tuna kebabs on skewers woven with pineapple and peppers.

fresh caught tuna

While still on the sports boats, the next step for this tuna is the RSW, refrigerated salt water system. Once on land, most fishermen give their fish to the local processors for chunking and then vacuum bagging the tuna fillets.

My new tuna kebab recipe is cooked over a high heat Bbq grill. With high grilling temperatures, I know the big chunks would sear on outside while keeping the inside tuna rare. And that would be perfect. I picked pineapple and various peppers since they would cook quickly while caramelizing to offer some insane favors. It worked perfectly!!

If you love to grill fish kebabs, check out my yellowtail kebab recipe with pineapple... so yummy!!

Tuna Kebabs (makes 4-5 skewers)

2-3 pound of tuna, cut into minimum 2 inch cubes

1/2 pineapple cut into 2 inch cubes

1 pablano pepper cut into 2 inch cubes

1 red bell pepper cut into 2 inch cubes


1/2 cup of soy sauce

1/2 lemon juiced

3 tablespoons of honey

1 clove of garlic minced

Cracked black pepper

4-5 wooden skewers

grilled tuna recipe

Grilled Tuna Kebabs

1. Before you get started, soak your wooden skewers in water, and, fire up your grill. Your grill should get to a minimum temperature of 500F (at the grill, not the hood cover temperature gauge).

Make The Tuna Kebabs Marinade/Baste

2. Start with a 2 cup mixing container and then add the soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, honey and cracked black pepper. Now mix and stir vigorously. Then, separate the marinade-baste in half, into 2 containers.

Make The Tuna Kebabs

3. Lace the soaked wooden skewers with two chunks of tuna, peppers, and pineapple, each.

4. Now, place the kebabs in large pan and pour the marinade over the skewers. Usually, you allow the marinade time to flavor the fish, but not in this case. You're ready for the grill!

5. Begin by grilling each side of the skewers just enough to achieve a nice color. With each turn of the skewers, remember to baste with a basting brush. And, also remember, to watch the center of your tuna chunks to ensure they do not become opaque. Whatever you do, don't over cook your fish, especially tuna!

6. When done, place your kebabs on a serving platter and pour the remaining baste over the fish. Enjoy!


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I'm a fisherman and a cook, and I love to do both. My name is Yanni and welcome to my website, Fisherman's Belly. Here, using your fresh fish and everyday ingredients, you can learn to cook hand-crafted easy fish recipes. 

See you on the water and in the kitchen. Yanni

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